schoolhouse-chaiOne fine day, a middle school teacher in Santa Cruz, California wanted to inspire her students to start a small business. She knew that there was something magical about chai tea; its aroma, the unique taste, the calm and yet powerful lift it can evoke. Teachers and staff loved it, and it was decided that the Santa Cruz community deserved a special blend all their own. Schoolhouse Chai is micro-brewed locally in Santa Cruz, California. All great things begin small and grow with positive intentions. Enjoy Schoolhouse Chai!

Connect with your inner child and feel brilliant while drinking the finest chai tea around, Schoolhouse Chai, an all natural hot or iced tea concentrate. Students at UCSC report that studying while drinking Schoolhouse Chai has kept them going and seems to help mental clarity!

While you enjoy your cup of Schoolhouse Chai privately, or share it with loved ones, know that 20% of proceeds are donated to Santa Cruz City Schools as well as a local agency which supports children in the foster care system.

Schoolhouse Chai is locally micro-brewed and has a long shelf life. Once opened, the tea stays fresh and delicious for about 3 weeks. It contains less sugar and has more authentic spices and ingredients compared to other chai concentrates.

We are proud to offer caffeine free concentrate, which is infused with Rooibos and is known to promote healthy skin and well being. Additionally, we offer sugar free options so folks can sweeten their drink with anything they like. Rest assured there is absolutely NO sweeteners of any kind. The bottles are 100% glass, 100% recyclable and make lovely gifts.